Many people would like to travel around the world.  The most of them believe, they could not realize their dream. Educa- tion, family, work, lack of money, foreign languages, and experiance hold them back. That`s not a must!  Nowadays many young people have seen 20 foreign countries, even oversea in their twenties. You can travel rather cheap if you renounce of comfort. – As far as I am concerned I travelled in my thirties with large family trough Europe, mainly by car. Thus we reached -starting from North Germany- the coasts of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. First In the second half of my life I began to scout oversea countries, beginning by my own car in North Africa and Near-East. Now I have travelled nearly all countries with UN-status (only about 25 are still lacking) and a lot of half independent territories. – With this page I present some Images to show the difference or similarity of countries, nature, people, religion, conventions. You should appreciate to travel the world.

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With warm regards
Dieter Radow

The picture below the header of this website shows the Ras el Tin Palace during arrival at  the harbour of Alexandria in 1984 by vessel. This was my first impression of Africa at all.